The Bachelor 21, Episode 6 Recap: Cry Me a River


Oy vey.

The tears. The drama. The nodding off. 

Oh wait, that last one was me.

I will admit - this episode was way better than the last one. It accomplished three things I really liked: getting rid of dead weight; Nick crying; and Corinne getting pushed around. More below.

Best of Episode 6

We left the U.S.
Sure, I know these tropical, fantastical destinations overseas make these romances even less realistic. I don't care! I love the over the top dates and watching the contestants try to fit in to another country. 

We got rid of a bunch of dead weight.
It's refreshing when they finally get rid of all the girls who did not have a chance in hell of winning. Get rid of them earlier I say! They just waste Nick's and our time.

I think we have our dark horse this season and she's from Russia! Unless she's a mole sent here from the Russkis to mess with our reality game show outcomes, then this girl is legit. And you can tell Nick is REALLY into her. Keep your eye on this one.

Jasmine lost her shit.
Oh Jasmine. Crazy, crazy Jasmine. She crossed a few things off her (and our) bucket list in this one, eh? She not only lost her mind - in a big way - she also pushed the most hated girl in the house to the ground, laid into The Bachelor in her 1-on-1 time, then tried to CHOKE him not once, but three times and we weren't sure how much she was really kidding! The look on Nick's face during all this made it all worth the wait. 

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Nick lost his shit.
Most dramatic episode to date continued with that's right - tears from our lead. It takes some longer than others to finally break, but it always happens eventually. This time it was Nick's realization that he felt "nothing" for sweet Danielle L (D-Lo as she is known in the house) and had to let her go. Ah, Nick don't feel so bad - we didn't feel anything for her either. Get it together!

Worst of Episode 6

The follow up of the "To be continued..." story from last week.
Fuck you ABC. Worst plot line and follow up story ever.

Sholphin went home.
Boo! I really liked Alexis and the laughs she brought everyone. Although I knew there was NO way Nick was going to pick her, I really wanted to see her let her guard down and see what she was really all about under all the jokes. Next stop: "Bachelor in Paradise?"

Another 2-on-1 date.
Fuck you ABC. These are stupid.

Don't these girls know how this show works?
Don't get me wrong - when three of the legit front-runners are ALL crying during and after a group date, something's gone terribly awry - but my goodness, this is season 21 of "The Bachelor" - they must know this stuff is all pretty routine, right? What happened on this group date that sent everyone to bits? Something's rotten in Denmark.


1. Rachel. I still love Rachel. We saw this week that despite her hard candy shell she actually can only take so much. It makes me love her all the more that she is thinking about going home. That means she's legit smart and normal. I hope she sticks it out.

2. Vanessa. Vanessa is the full package. But she might be cracking up more than Rachel at this point so I slipped her down to the #2 slot this week. I'm concerned V might tell Nick off if he keeps Corinne for much longer.

3. Kristina. The dark horse! Keep an eye on Kristina. She's tough, so she can take whatever comes her way.

4. Raven. Raven's back on my list because she has proven herself to be above the nonsense going on around her. She has a good head on her shoulders and I think Nick knows it. 

Danielle M is on thin ice.

See you next week!