The Bachelor 21, Episode 4 Recap: Nickerdoodles

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I'm going to get right to it because these early episodes aren't my favorite.

BEST of Episode 4

Jaimi, Dolphin, Russia and all the other ladies that just say it like it is or believe in aliens or do anything else fun to entertain us at home during all this fabricated Corinne-villain nonsense. We need light moments to break up the staged bullshit. Man, I wish we had snarky women like Kaitlyn or Carly in the house this season.

Bella. I'm not sure why they don't let the other 9 brothers and sisters out of the cage to represent the Viall family, but we'll take Bella. She knows what's up.

Roller skating! Best date ever. When Nick kept skating by Bella and Raven while they were talking it was actually really cute.

Raven. I have to admit, Raven is more interesting than I gave her credit for. Once you look past that horrible accent, she's actually pretty relatable. Then she came out with the cheating story where she knocked a door down and beat her ex's head with a stiletto. GO GIRL!


Chris Harrison's straight face when he says to Nick "It seems like [Corinne] is rubbing some of the girls the wrong way." Understatement of the season. He's earning his big paycheck right there.

WORST of Episode 4

Nick! Dude. We all know ABC calls the shots about keeping Corinne around and we know you probably can't say that to anyone, but give poor Vanessa a little bit more respect. He was acting like she was out of line with her concerns about his behavior with Corinne. He knows exactly how it feels to be in her position - I would have liked him to behave a little more sympathetically toward Vanessa in that moment.

Taylor. I think Taylor definitely has the intellectual upper hand when it comes to Corinne, but is she taking it a step too far trying to analyze her? Girl, you're 23 years old - get over yourself. And really - was she even honest about what the problem is? This girl doesn't care if Corinne isn't mature enough for Nick - she cares that Corinne is annoying the shit out of everyone and straddling him in bouncy houses. If you're gonna go high, just ignore her. If you're gonna go low, hit her where it hurts.

Farm date. What was the point of this date? There was no competition. No plot point. Nothing. Was it just an attempt to humiliate the girls? To see how low they'd go for fame? It was just gross, any way you look at it.

Bumping into Nick's ex in Waukesha. Didn't see the point of this either. We all know this wasn't spontaneous to run into Nick's ex Amber. Plus we didn't learn anything and it just made Danielle uncomfortable. If ABC wants to fabricate something, why don't they put together a better date for this girl than wandering around Waukesha Wisconsin eating cookies and slow dancing in front of 500 strangers.

It goes without saying...Corinne. She is an idiot. Let's make a bet on how soon she gets together with Chad on "Bachelor in Paradise."


1. Vanessa. Vanessa stays at the top, even though I didn't like how her chat with Nick went. They clearly have a connection, she's gorgeous, her students love her, we love her...etc.

2. Rachel. Rachel hasn't had her 1-on-1 time with Nick yet, but they always show their cocktail party time together and they definitely are vibing. Rachel is so above all the nonsense going on in the house and I love that about her.

3. Raven. Like I said before, I didn't give Raven a lot of credit, but she seems to have caught Nick's eye and she clearly is falling for him as well. She'll stick around awhile.

4. Danielle L. I'll bump Danielle M off this week to account for a successful 1-on-1 date between Nick and Danielle L. They seemed to connect and Nick loves her boobies. I like that she's more demure and reserved than the other girls not on this list (other than Danielle M whom I still love). We'll have to wait and see if that's legit or it's just because she has nothing to say.

Other notables: Aside from Danielle M who is lovely, I still like Jaimi's sass, Russia's forwardness (she did get the group date rose!) and Astrid's wit. I want to like Sarah - just not sure yet how much is going on upstairs, ya know?