The Bachelor 20, Episode 10 Recap: Women Tell All

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This season's Women Tell All (WTA) episode was grosser than usual so I'm just going to lay out my thoughts in a list. It doesn't deserve more of my time or effort.

1. That girl with the chicken? Sister, get a life. And ABC, is that supposed to be funny? Seriously? Are we 12?

2. Tits everywhere. Big ones, small ones, fake ones. Good lord.

3. Olivia. Even though she's "controversial" and "selfish" and "all the women despise her" - she looked great, didn't she? That haircut did wonders for her. As for her behavior, I'm a little on the fence. Obviously there's a reason she alienated everyone and no one liked her; but she - and every other woman who comes on this show - has every right to throw their all into going after the prize, I mean Bachelor. That's what they are there for...not for some 8 week pajama party.

4. Crashing viewer watch parties is about as exciting for us as viewers as having that chicken on stage.

5. I have officially lost any respect I had left for Charrison. Between exploiting Lace's self esteem issues and knocking Jubilee for being "complicated," he came off like a real pig. Then letting that creepo on the stage with Lace? Gross.

6. Back to Jubilee: did I really hear Charrison say that Jubilee is definitely worthy because a terrific guy like Ben "got" her?? I know this show is crazy, but alluding to her worth being determined by a man's interest is just BAD.

7. Let's pretend the twin thing never happened.

8. Caila is super sweet and mature and beautiful but oh so boring. I hope they don't think they are making her our next Bachelorette. 

9. O. M. G. In the scenes from the finale we hear Ben telling JoJo that he's also in love with Lauren. What a mess. The only positive is that hopefully she'll go into the rose ceremony with her eyes wide open.

10. Ben looked very smarmy when he came out, didn't he? His facial hair was creepy and he was wearing a pretty dorky tie and jacket. "Best Bachelor ever" my ass.

Til next week...