The Bachelor 20, Episode 11 Recap: The Final Rose and ATFR

The final two (Photo from

The final two (Photo from

I don't know about you but I felt very underwhelmed/discombobulated by the finale of The Bachelor season 20. All that drama and hype about loving two girls, then it all wraps up nice and quick without a hint of backlash, tears or questions? This time more than ever I feel manipulated by the editing of the show and I just don't care to rehash it. 

But that's my job so let's get through it with a list:

1. Ben's family clearly liked JoJo better. I think we all can admit that. There was even a clip that didn't make it into the final cut of the show that shows Ben's mom saying JoJo was way more "her style." Read more here

2. Seriously, did ABC push Ben into a relationship with JoJo because they knew he was heavily leaning toward Lauren B and knew they needed drama? I really think this whole "loving two women" thing was coerced or forced now that we know the conclusion. 

3. Seeing Ben crying about his love for both women one day and calling Lauren B's dad the next was just too much. I know he's on a TV show and it requires him to be open and forthright with the women but come on. You, sir, are an evil puppeteer and you were manipulating JoJo the whole time.

4. As much as I am thrilled to have JoJo as the next Bachelorette, I am sad for her that she had to sanitize her reactions and questions to Ben at ATFR. Obviously part of the "quid pro quo" of getting chosen as The Bachelorette was to claim she was fully over the Bachelor and had no hard feelings toward him or toward ABC. She couldn't have been more politically correct.

5. But she looked HOT so maybe that's the best revenge anyway.

6. Ben's mom was the star of the show. As Ben's dad was googly-eyed over Ben's two beautiful choices, his mom was expressing how "disturbing" it was that he loved two women with some of the best reactions and facial expressions ever! 

7. "Jeans panties" should totally get their own show. "The exclusive pant of The Bachelor!"

8. Lauren looked really beautiful. Ben's pants were way too tight and waaaaay too short.

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8. The rumors are already starting that Lauren and Ben are on the rocks (read more here and here). If it's true, can anyone blame Lauren for being pissed? Did Ben not realize that telling two girls he loved them would have consequences, no matter who he chose? I want to smack him in the head. 

9. Meet your beautiful new Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher! I really loved watching JoJo this season and am looking forward to how she handles herself as the lead. 

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It Glad it's over. See you in May!