The Bachelor 20, episode 4 recap: Show Girls

This really happened. (Photo from

This really happened. (Photo from

This week was one of those mid-season episodes that causes me to seriously reflect on why I continue to watch this show. Besides a somewhat entertaining meltdown from Olivia, nothing really crazy (or authentic) happened and we were subjected to another loopy group date where the girls make fools of themselves. We also have several girls who already claim to be falling in strong like/love with the Bachelor. Both of those things are pretty routine at this point in the show and yet continue to bother me from season to season. 

I don't have much to say about this one so I'll just best/worst it:

Worst things that happened:

-    They put Becca in a wedding dress and made us listen to the virgin talk again. And the questions about whether she can have feelings? I wish she had just blurted out "Chris was a moron!" to put the whole thing to bed (so to speak).
-    Olivia let the producers make a fool out of her. 
-    They actually went through with it: the two on one date with the twins! #icanteven.
-    But really: is Ben really going to get serious with either of the twins, even the one he kept? I was hoping he’d leave both of them with their mom.
-    So many sparkles...rhinestones and beading and sequins...everywhere.
-    Jojo got the shortest date in the history of the show and then had to concoct some insta-storyline with her "I've been hurt/I can't trust anyone" schtick. Snoozer.
-    Amber: get it together, girl. You’re on national TV. Get on Bumble - you'll be fine.
-    We don't get to see Charrison hardly at all any more. Why doesn't Ben get the sit down chit chat/advice sesh with Charrison like the other leads do? I think they are wasting Charrison on that Bachelor Live nonsense (which I don't watch btw). 

Best things that happened:

-    Ben. He is adorable. And intuitive. And kind. Just all-around the full package. 
-    Jubilee’s funny is finally coming back. We need some wise-ass on this show Jubilee. Keep it coming.
-    Caila brought out the "sex panther." I knew she had it in her.
-    We found out about this Neon Museum/sign graveyard. I want to go to there.
-    Jennifer took the bull by the horns and grabbed Ben at the Rose Ceremony before Olivia could get her mitts on him. Go Jennifer.
-    Mean girl Amber went home.

I feel good about my leaderboard: Lauren B., Caila and Jojo. They are all sweet and relatively normal and seem to be keeping their wits about them. For now.  

Oh and I'm still keeping Becca on the bubble. I don't think Ben has anywhere near the chemistry with her as he does with the other three.

Let's hope next week we have some real dates someplace a little more exotic than Las Vegas. Please?