Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Game

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Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise (BIP) is now underway, with episodes this year on Sunday and Monday nights. How's a person to keep up? 

I am watching BIP (of course), but recapping this crazy business is just one step too far this time around.

I do, however, feel pretty strongly I have an obligation to find other ways to entertain you to help get you through this season's antics. How about a Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Game?!

Take a drink every time....

...someone ugly cries.

BIPJorgeBITNB see Jorge, the bartender

...someone talks to an animal/bird/crustacean. 

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...a couple takes it to the ocean. Two drinks if the girl does the jump and straddle.

...someone says "I don't want this journey to end" or "I'm not ready to leave Paradise."

...someone says "...wrong reasons."

...Carly drops a snarky zinger or says something all of us at home are thinking.

And finish your drink every time...

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...Charrison finally graces us with his presence looking sharp and fresh in his best casual-wear.

Drink 'til you feel better about yourself for watching this nonsense.