The Bachelorette 11, episode 11: Men tell all

Man, he's a hunk (photo from twitter/abc)

Man, he's a hunk (photo from twitter/abc)

Well kids, we've almost made it to the end. We've been through a lot. 

This week was the infamous Men Tell All (MTA) special. To be honest, I was hoping we’d seen the last of many of these chuckleheads, but alas, it's that time in the season where we must listen to dudes who were on the show like 10 minutes pontificate about the Bachelorette's life choices like their opinion matters to anyone at all.

And yup, no surprise: this MTA was lame. Between supersized recap packages, the rehashing of faux "story" lines and no one standing by their behavior (except Kaitlyn), I could have done without this whole episode. Have you ever seen so many apologies and backtracking in one MTA before? They’ve taken all the fun out of it! 

Plus we had to suffer through an extended promo for Bachelor in Paradise too. It looks like a doozy, my friends.

Sure, I'm going to watch it. I just don't need to be reminded of it every time I turn around.

Here are my random thoughts about MTA:

  • No Ian, we don’t forgive you. What is wrong with you? Even Charrison was like “What are you doing?” And P.S. – if you have to tell people you have humility, you don’t really have it. I would have had more respect for him if he said the truth: "I lashed out at you because my pride was hurt." But he didn't. He acted like it was random behavior, totally out of character. He should be embarrassed.
  • Ben H. Brady looked HOT. Does he get cuter every time we see him? I really hope he doesn’t become the next Bachelor…but I do.
  • Kupah: Shut up. Just SHUT UP. And that tie thing? Nope, it's not happening.
  • I really don’t get Clint. He was so weird and aggressive and immature on the show but last night he was the only GD voice of reason. He was even defending Kaitlyn. 
  • Corey with an E: You can shut up too. K’s behavior was “disgraceful?” Really? Because she had sex with someone she's likely going to pick or because she sent you home in week three? 
  • They spent WAAAAAY too much time rehashing this stupid JJ/Clint bromance and totally overlooked people who actually made it to the end, like Kentucky Joe and Cupcake. I found it strange neither of them got their time to talk about their feelings for Kaitlyn since both had somewhat dramatic exits. We didn’t even hear any peace and love shit from Tony the Healer for goodness sake!
  • Charrison is getting sassy – and I like it! He got Jared to shave his beard; he said the following to JJ: “As strange as it may seem to everyone, Kaitlyn really liked you.” And he told Ben Z a good cry is healthy and “I’m crying on the inside right now.” AWESOME.
  • Back to Ben H. Brady: is he the most mature man to ever be on this show? And he’s only 26! Did you see the way he was looking at Kaitlyn? Like he has nothing but love for her, even though she didn’t pick him. LOVE HIM.
  • The whining about Kaitlyn allowing Nick to come on the show continues. Interesting that it's all the guys who had NO CHANCE whatsoever with Kaitlyn who were the most upset about Nick. I don't recall hearing anything negative about Nick from Ben H, Ben Z, Jared or Cupcake. (Exception to this is of course, Shawn Gosling.)
  • That stuff with the cyber bullying was really horrific. People online say things like “you’re a whore, crawl in a hole and die” but a restaurant owner yells at a kid to shut up in an establishment that she owns and it’s a National headline? There’s something seriously wrong with that. Twitter needs to take a legit stand on this shit. 

That’s all I have folks. This episode MTA fell flat for me. I’m going to look forward to the extremely exciting (not really) conclusion to this season next week. Will it be Nick or Shawn?!?

My money's still on a Kelly Taylor "I choose me" scenario.