The Bachelorette 11, episode 1: the set-up for this circus (Part II)

Kaitlyn's the bachelorette! (Photo courtesy of

Kaitlyn's the bachelorette! (Photo courtesy of

Well, no grass grows under Charrison tonight! Right off the bat he grabs Britt for a chat, tells her she's not the next Bachelorette and puts her in a limo.

I like your style Charrison.

Britt uses Tanner's tissues as she laments her bad luck in the limo interview.

Next he finds Kaitlyn, tricks her with his tricky words and freaks her out with the good news. She cries, then he hugs her and says "Sweet girl." 

That melted my heart, even though I know part of this whole set up was his fault.

Kaitlyn calls her mommy and she is legitimately and genuinely so excited. Have I mentioned I love this girl? 

Ian again steps up and grabs Kaitlyn first because, he says, he's "the most excited." So adorable.

Next she has time with the welder, Joshua, and he presents her with the steel rose he made. He claims he made it for her but that's what they all say now, amirite?

First order of business, Charrison drops off the first impression rose (FIR) for Kaitlyn to give out to the dude she thinks is the grooviest. Let's all recall that the FIR is oftentimes the kiss of death so I'm hoping she doesn't give it to her real fave and jinx him.

So Kaitlyn continues to meet with the dudes, especially the ones who were formerly on Team Britt. They are a little out of sorts. Brady, Josh the Stripper, Tony the Healer, Jonathan and Jared are especially thrown off. Jared decides to tell her he picked Britt and she seems happy he was honest about it. What happens now? Does Kaitlyn get rid of all the pro-Britt dudes?

Whoa, she had a super connection with JJ! She's all in!

Whoa, Chris the Dentist goes in for a kiss! A real kiss!

Ruh-roh, the FIR goes to Shawn B. Jinx? What do we think?

She tells him she's really attracted to him and can't wait to take him on a date...and she kisses him!

So Chris Soules season was the first time someone kissed on the first night...and Kaitlyn's now kissed TWO. Woot woot!

Roses go to:

  • Cupcake Chris
  • Ben H (I will from this point refer to this guy as "Ben Brady" for his uncanny resemblance to Peter Brady)
  • JJ
  • Kentucky Joe
  • Kupah (team Britt)
  • Daniel (team Britt)
  • Ryan B (crybaby)
  • Joshua
  • Tony the healer (team Britt co-captain)

Pause for the cause. Mr. Nashville, Brady, needs a word with the Bachelorette. He wants to go home and find Britt. Charrison takes him out the door.....

Kaitlyn goes back to the rose ceremony. Everyone is shocked Brady bugged out. Whatever, let's carry on.

  • Clint
  • Corey
  • Jonathan (team Britt)
  • Cory
  • Ben Z
  • Tanner
  • Ian
  • Justin (helium whisperer)
  • Jared (team Britt)

So we say goodbye to Shawn E, Bradley, David, Josh. Add to that Ryan M and Brady and we are down 6. That leaves 19 guys. 

And we're off!

See you next week. The previews look ammaaaaazzzzinnnng!! (DRINK) Look's like Nick Viall is coming back! Whoa.