The Bachelor, season 19 finale: After the Final Rose

Damn that ring is sparkly (photo from abc)

Damn that ring is sparkly (photo from abc)

We pick up where The Bachelor finale left off, but now we are live and in real time. 

Here's what we learned from After the Final Rose (ATFR):

  • Becca is still not phased by this whole experience. Well, let me take that back. She says she has probably learned from being on the show to be more open...for the NEXT guy. That doesn't do us/Chris any good now Becca.
  • Ashley S., the pomegranate/onion girl, agreed to be on Bachelor in Paradise (I think). (P.S. I also read online that Carly would also love to do BIP, but Becca has said "it wouldn't be a good fit for me." #understatement).
  • I think I can see Whitney's baby maker in that dress.
  • Chris and Whitney have been sneaking in visits, mostly her going to Iowa to see him. Shocker.
  • Chris lets Whitney do all the talking. Shocker #2.
  • They make love a lot.
  • Whitney didn't watch any of the season, except her dates with Chris. (Smart move, Whit.)
  • Chris has been selected for Dancing with the Stars. Oh sure. Chris' "shopping cart' and "lawnmower" moves must have really peaked the DWTS judges' interest.
  • Jimmy Kimmel makes awkward comments in front of Whitney about Chris being so unsure Of his choice. Awkward! Then he gives them a cow named "Juan Pablo."
  • Chris Harrison is a shit stirrer (we already knew that though).
  • And finally, the special announcement. The "shocking twist" ABC has been salivating about is...that they have literally lost their minds.

ABC has chosen not one, but TWO women to vie for the top spot on The Bachelorette: none other than our sassy, yet vulnerable Kaitlyn (yeah!) and manipulative, man-whisperer Britt (boo!). Apparently they are going to pit the girls against each other (because that whole "girls fighting over guys" thing is so attractive and modern) and let the men in the Bachelorette house decide who they'd like to see stay and remain The Bachelorette.

Britt and Kaitlyn will fight to the death on the next season of  The Bachelorette  (photo from GMA)

Britt and Kaitlyn will fight to the death on the next season of The Bachelorette (photo from GMA)

And I thought I felt gross after the finale! This is CRAZY. And demeaning. And takes away from what little romance this show had left. It also reminds us - yet again - that it's all about the Benjamins (i.e. ratings) and if a stunt like this pulls more bank in, of course they're going to do it. 

I feel 1) bad for Kaitlyn and am legitimately wondering why she agreed to this (if she even agreed to it) and 2) irritated that Britt's behavior has been validated with this opportunity. I could tell with the first flip of her hair that her ego had hit new levels.

Regardless of the oogie/weird/disappointed feelings from last night, I am going to miss my guilty pleasure dose of The Bachelor on Monday nights. Guess we'll all have to look toward May for the shit show that will be The Bachelorette. Could this be the beginning of the end for The Bachelorette series? We'll find out soon enough!

Thanks for reading!