The Bachelorette, episode 6: highs and lows


140620_gma_bachelorette_16x9_992 I'm overwhelmed by this week's episode (just like Andi!) so I'm just going to jot down my thoughts as the show goes along.  Hope this isn't too obnoxious to read.

- Nick gets the first one on one date.  I'm not surprised.  She needs answers?  She wants the truth!  Heh

- Nick is able to have an adult conversation.  I dig that about him, even if most of what he says is BS.  He still looks 17.

- Another stupid group date.  They're taking lie detector tests.  Seriously??  The only bright spot: sweet farmer Chris is Andi's secret admirer and didn't want her to find out this way.  I find this adorable.  I want to squeeze his (butt) cheeks.

[Sidebar:  are Andi's pants painted on?  She's got balls for wearing white pants on TV.  Of course she looks great in them and that makes me want to push her in the canal.]

- Are they going to tell us what happened to Dylan?  Was he upset that the world now knows he doesn't wash his hands after he pees?  Or that he's had more sexual partners than he can count on his fingers and toes?

- Did he just tell her he's going home because his heart and his head hurt?  This guy is a basket case.

- Chris fesses up.  She claims to know already that it was him.  It's a pretty sweet moment.  He's dreamy.

- JJ gets pissed at everyone for celebrating Chris getting the rose.  I feel ya pal.  It's all too chummy in there.  These guys just met a month ago.

- Is Chris secretly an angry guy?  He was awfully argumentative tonight.

- Marcus tells Andi that he's in love with her.  Isn't it a little soon for all that?  They've only been on one date.

- Mackleroid gets a one-on-one.  Andi wears short skorts.

- How gross is that super planted Juliette letter thing?  OMG.  I am gonna barf.  Tone it down buddy.

- And sweet baby Jesus, that's quite a deep vee tee.

- Holy shit she's crying.  Mackleroid scared her.  And he's a goner.

- Is Andi cracking up?  She's taking this really hard.

- Josh is angry.  And bitter.  And he won't shut up about it.  This seems to me like a dude that isn't used to having to wait for a girl to pick him.  Told ya.

- Brian puts on his aggressive pants and grabs Andi at the start of the cocktail party.  But then reads her a weird poem.

- Andi tells Charrison that she's not sure this whole thing is going to work out.  She's still tired and exhausted.  She really IS taking this all hard.

- OK JJ enough with the red pants and bow ties.  And the boat shoes with no socks?  Does his mom pick out his clothes?

- Dylan gets a rose.  Hmmm...interesting.   If she had read those lie detector results she would've given that one some more thought.

- Annnnnnnnnndd drumroll..............JJ goes home.  Oh man, he looks so sad.  Poor thing.  Rethink the pants next time dude.