The Bachelorette, episode 2: musings and other reactions


RON, TASOS, CODY, BRIAN Episode 2 of The Bachelorette starring Atlanta's own Andi Dorfman was chock full of the typical response-inducing antics, which unfortunately also included a contrived strip show.  I don't think I have the energy to write a dissertation on this one so let's stick with a trusty list:

1.  Carl the firefighter....please don't go. Those glasses changed EVERYTHING. The sleeve tats didn't hurt either.  Why didn't I notice you before?

2.  Andi really took offense to Craig's hi-jinx at the party.  I'm not sure why one guy acting up made her so upset - she must have realized by talking to that guy that he was a hot mess from the start, no?

3. And speaking of that drunky monkey Craig:  what show do you think he was really trying to be on?  I'm not sure he got in the right line at the studio on audition day.

4. Andi wore a bikini!  She promised no bikinis!  Just kidding.  She's hot and she looked great.  Do they give everyone on this show a full body makeover or do they all just look FLAWLESS like that in real life? I'm skeptical.

5. I'm not sure if I am more horrified that ABC had these boys strip on TV or that none of them seemed to mind it at all. And why didn't anyone have any trouble with the dance moves?  Are they all professional strippers?  They all have stripper caliber bodies! Leading to the question:  are these people all fake? faux? hired hands??  Even shy, anxious Marcus was bumpin' and grindin' like a pro.  You're SUSPECT, ABC.

6. Chris the farmer really was sweet on their date, but something suspicious is lurking beneath his shy exterior.  Mark my words.

7. Josh M. had a nice talk with Andi about her not pre-judging him as your typical athlete/player-type and then used player-like tactics on her at the cocktail party.  I see that she thinks he's dreamy -- he totally is -- but he's shady business nonetheless (IMHO).  If other seasons of this show are any indicator, this guy will go far (as long as he doesn't jump in the pool with his clothes on, Andi doesn't seem to care for that.)

8.  Bright spots:  that Brian is pretty sweet and normal, although still not sure if he's aggressive enough for her; Marcus seems authentic; Patrick is adorable -- was he on any of the dates?? I can't remember him talking; Ken seems like a sweet guy with a good head on his shoulders - he'll be sent home soon.

9.  Not-so-bright spots:  if I hear that opera guy sing one more time I am quitting this show (not really).  Nick V. was kind of annoying tonight -- almost whiny -- if we're being honest.  And Marquel - those socks were a deal breaker.  I was just about to give him a pass with the crazy shirt and tie, but the socks pushed it over the edge.  Bring back the cookies, dude.

10.  I loved that Charrison and what appeared to be a date were at the strip show with Andi.  That was a nice touch.  Did I mention that whole stripping thing was horrifying?

Next week we are getting TWO episodes back to back.  Yikes.  Get the white board ready.

P.S.  I purposefully am not including any thoughts about Eric Hill here.  It seems too frivolous.  Andi had her first one on one date with him, and he seemed like a really decent, smart and interesting guy.  They seemed to really hit it off too.  This must be so sad for his family...