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Photo from wetpaint.com

Photo from wetpaint.com

Well, here we are yet again: on the precipice of another season of The Bachelorette. And this one's historic y'all (did you hear?), because this season we have our first black lead: the beautiful and successful Rachel Lindsay. 

Sure, I know the profiles of all the "bachelors" came out yesterday blah blah blah, but I really can't bother myself with learning about them. I'll wait until she whittles it down to at least 10. Right now we just need to know more about Rachel, arguably the most "normal" and "real" lead this franchise has had in its 13 seasons. 

Here are 10 things that will help you get to know our new Bachelorette:

1. Rachel is 31 years old, which makes her the oldest Bachelorette in the show’s history. She is 6 years older (heavens!) than the youngest Bachelorette, JoJo, who was 25 years old at the time of filming. (Source: hercampus.com)

2. Rachel has an open mind about the guys she will choosing from: "I obviously expect to see a wider pool of African-American men just because that's me, but what I'm excited about is I'm hoping that my cast reflects what America looks like." (Source: etonline.com)

Photo from abc.go.com

Photo from abc.go.com

2. The quirkiest info from her ABC bio: 1) she has tattoos: one on her right rib cage that says "Reciprocity" and one on her left waist that's a bible verse; and 2) she is afraid of things that fly (bugs, birds, etc.) (Source: ABC.go.com)

3. Why she thinks she's still single: "Men love the idea of me, but when it comes to the reality of me, they can’t handle it. Whether it’s 'You work too much,' or 'You’re too strong-willed,' or 'You’re so independent you don’t need me,' it’s a very frustrating experience." (Source: Glamour.com)

Photo from marieclaire.com

Photo from marieclaire.com

4. Rachel counts Alexis, Raven, Astrid, Sarah, Whitney and Danielle M. from Nick's season of The Bachelor as some of her closest friends. (Source: etonline.com)

5.  What’s one thing Rachel says all the time? "'I just keep it real' and 'I just keep it 100.' I don’t know how to be anything else. I don’t get caught up in everything that’s around me. I’m just very direct, and I think that’s another thing with the intimidation thing. Some people can’t handle that I’m direct. I’m real and honest, and I take things day by day. That’s just the way to survive."  (Source: Glamour.com)

Photo from cosmopolitan.com

Photo from cosmopolitan.com

6. Her perfect man made just from celebs is a combination of Bieber, for his musical talent; Idris Elba for his accent and his looks; and Brad Pitt for his sensitivity. (Source: Glamour.com)

7. We always love a girl with a dog and Rachel is no exception! She has a rescue dog named Copper. (Source: popsugar.com)

Somebody behaved for their haircut today 🐶✂️#CopperAsh #dog❤️ #nofilter

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8. Rachel attended University of Texas at Austin before receiving her law degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee. She's been working at a firm called Cooper and Scully, P.C. since December 2015. She's a rising star in the legal community, and was even put on a "Ones to Watch" list by the Dallas Young Lawyers Association. (Source: popsugar.com)

9. Her biggest challenge? Her impatience. She told ET she is not a patient person – that the Bachelor process had been “frustrating” for her because she didn’t like having to wait to see Nick. That might be the closest source of drama we see from her on this season of The Bachelorette. (Source: etonline.com)

Photo from wetpaint.com

Photo from wetpaint.com

10. Here's a little harmless information about Rachel's season so far: the first “Bachelorette” group date involved a game of basketball and a surprise appearance by NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (Source: ibtimes.com)

The 13th season of The Bachelorette premieres this Monday May 22 at 9 p.m. ET. Be there or be left out!


The Bachelor 21, Episode 11 Recap: The Final Rose and ATFR

the bachelor BITNB

The buzz words for the night? "Live historic 3 hour finale of The Bachelor."


Most dramatic Charrison line ever?

So with those words, we wind down another season of The Bachelor. The 21st season in fact. All of the viewers who thought this season might be different - more transparent or more "real" - can probably admit we were left a little disappointed. Nick's "insider" information and comfort with the process didn't make for good TV. It made him too guarded. It made him too emotional. It made him too staged. I guess it happens to the best of them; there's little the lead can do to resist the scripting and edit the cast and the season gets from ABC - much to their and our dismay. 

So if we were expecting something different than typical Bachelor/ette status quo, we didn't get it. 

That being said, I think most of us can agree the person we thought would be the last woman standing was in fact the "winner." Vanessa and Nick had a deep connection from the start. ABC tried their manipulative editing and their Corinne storyline to try to throw us off and in some ways it worked. They do know what they're doing. I don't think I'm the only one who questioned the relationship between Nick and Vanessa toward the end. The edit was full of red flags and question marks. Meanwhile the edit of Raven and Nick was all hearts and flowers and unwavering commitments on Raven's part.

I don't know if I care if anything was best or worst so here are just some other random thoughts:

Vanessa retained some power. As much as I just complained about Nick's inability to "free range" his season of The Bachelor, I will compliment Vanessa - and in some ways the editors - for her ability to maintain some modicum of power throughout her experience on this show. Part of it was her stubborn and independent personality; part of it was ABC's glee about teasing us with the storyline of Nick potentially going away heartbroken again. Either way, the decision making did not fall entirely on the lead's shoulders. There was discussion about free will and mutual decision making. There wasn't the typical assumption that the Bachelor would make his "pick" and an engagement was his decision and his decision alone. Both players had a say here - and that says a lot about what kind of woman Vanessa is. And I like it.

Raven's poise. I think we can all admit now that Raven never had a chance, right? She was sweet and funny and mature, but she was so young and...she wasn't Vanessa. But Raven took it all like a champ. She was poised when she was let down and didn't point fingers or make a scene. She told Nick she wanted him to be happy and you can tell she meant it. I was impressed. Her parents raised her right. I think she'll find someone quick on Bachelor in Paradise.

The "historic" twist. I'll give ABC credit for trying something new and for trying to energize ATFR, but watching these guys trot out to meet Rachel was painful. Live TV is not the place for regular people. I'm starting to see the value in all the coaching and hand holding and editing that makes this show bearable. The whole thing felt awkward - for all involved. 

Nick and Vanessa...to be continued. Of all that talk about the new couple looking awkward and unhappy, I think Nick and Vanessa are actually starting somewhere that not many "Bachelor/ette" couples do: on the same page. They did not appear shy about talking about uncomfortable topics. They seemed to tackle real life issues. It remains to be seen if these two strong personalities can compromise enough to make it work for the other; at first glance it seems like they really are too much alike. But I hope they can. I hope part of the learning Nick has done throughout his journey on this show is that part of the hunt for and courting of a strong, independent woman is appreciating her position and voice in the relationship and not just in the courtship. Being strong and sexy and opinionated is all fun and games until you have to work side by side with that person and give up some of your power and control in order to work together. 

We'll see how it goes. I wish them the best!

See you soon for Rachel's season of The Bachelorette!


The Bachelor 21, Episode 10 Recap: Fantasy suites and Women Tell All

Two words: Shit. Show. (photo from gossipandgab.com)

Two words: Shit. Show. (photo from gossipandgab.com)

This episode brought us a little more substance (well, before the "Women Tell All" started anyway). They continued with the three fantasy suite dates and we finally said goodbye to Rachel. As much as I love Rachel, I am glad she's finally done here and we can look forward to seeing her next season as the next Bachelorette.

Let's get right to it...

BEST of Episode 10

Photo from abc.com

Photo from abc.com

Rachel's date. Unfortunately (for us, and for Rachel) this date was everything you'd want in the Fantasy Suite date: it was sweet, honest, playful and emotional. Rachel opened up and Nick seemed responsive. There was chemistry. Of course, we all already knew the outcome so it wasn't a huge shock that Rachel was the one to go home, but actually - it was. For me, it came out of the blue. Out of the remaining three girls, Rachel and Nick's relationship seemed to be the most mature, most relatable and most realistic. And she wears the damn cutest onesie jammies! Why did he send her home? Hmm...

Kristina. This girl needs her own show. Or a non-profit - I can't decide. I just love her...and from the looks of it, so does everyone else. Another case for how you can go on the Bachelor and be there for love but also create relationships and friendships with the other women in the house. Go Kristina! 

Alexis. I don't think we've seen the last of Alexis. She most definitely will be on Bachelor in Paradise and I, for one, cannot wait. I think this girl is wacky but probably has a heart of gold. I want to learn more about her.

WORST of Episode 10


GIF from tvguide.com

GIF from tvguide.com

I'm not even going to get into it, but I'm guessing (OK hoping) that Raven was not a willing participant in this nonsense. They probably got her to film some fun footage in Finland and then edited it into this sexual bit. I thought it was ridiculous.

"Women Tell All." I can't even. Here's a list of things I do not care about:
1. Corinne and Taylor's beef
2. Corinne's nanny
3. OK, truth: anything about Corinne and the people who think she's awesome
4. The opinions, thoughts or anger of any of the girls who didn't make it to at least final 6
5. Liz and her sob story. I CANT EVEN.
6. Danielle L's sob story. Girl, you were boring!

Is it just me or did all of these women act like they'd never seen this show before? You get broken up with on TV. For little to no reason. That's the point. Shut up and deal with it!


Vanessa's Date. I have to be honest, as much as I really like Vanessa - and her gorgeous hair - I see red flags with these two all over the place. Now, that could just be ABC manipulating us with their editing. Perhaps Nick and Vanessa have been such a foregone conclusion from the get-go that they have had to bob and weave to keep us guessing. I'll give them that. But at face value: I don't think they work together. What would be a nice surprise? If we find out that they are madly in love and Nick will do anything and live anywhere to be with her - and vice versa. But we already know he's going on DWTS - I can't imagine that gets things started off on the right foot if he chooses Vanessa. 

Photo from abc.com

Photo from abc.com

I guess we will see very soon!


The Bachelor 21, Episode 9 Recap: There is nothing to recap so let's talk about Nick

Is he really going to give this rose to anyone? (Photo from hollywoodreporter.com)

Is he really going to give this rose to anyone? (Photo from hollywoodreporter.com)

That was the shortest and most non-eventful episode in the history of The Bachelor/ette franchise.

Here is all that we learned:

1. Andi Dorfman needs some quick cash to pay her rent.

2. Nick might not pick anyone.

3. Raven has never had an orgasm.

The end. 

(P.S. And Corinne finally went home. And by "finally" I mean fucking "FINALLY.")

So instead of ranting and raving about this episode (or lack thereof) and the fact that Rachel is now going into the final three even though we know she doesn't "win," let's talk about Nick and his journey thus far, as well as where we think this is all going. My opinion is "nowhere," unless the answer is actually just Dancing with the Stars and a gig on Entertainment Tonight...but we'll get to that. 

Nick - I think we can all agree - is phoning it in. He's not engaged. He's not acting like himself (as much as we know of his past behavior). He's crying all the time. He's not doing anything naughty (except robbing us of a regular rose ceremony). 

He doesn't even seem like he really likes anyone. He's sending women home indiscriminately, seemingly because they're not giving him the instant chemistry and connection he thinks he should have with them. It's almost like he's self-sabotaging.

It's a mess. At this point I really wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't pick anyone.

Let's break down the final three:

1) Rachel isn't a factor because as we all know already (damn you ABC) she is going to be the next Bachelorette.

2) Vanessa. Sure, there's some chemistry and respect there. Vanessa clearly has feelings for Nick and vice versa. But can we really see these two together? Vanessa certainly isn't going to move to L.A. for Nick and Nick isn't going to move to Montreal to give Vanessa what she needs in a partner. I just don't see how this works out.

2) And then there's Raven. Raven is probably the closest thing to Nick's "type:" she's playful and sarcastic and adventurous, but we also found out (ew, unfortunately) that not only has she never had an orgasm, she's never been in love before. This is where their age difference could be a huge factor. Another factor: this girl lives in the heart of the South and owns a boutique. I don't see this relationship making it to the real world.

I really think this season is a bust. I don't think any of them are Nick's lobster. So that got me thinking: what if Nick had any former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestants to choose from instead? An "All-Star" cast of past women who he had - or would have - chemistry with? Would that have made a difference? 

Obviously I think the answer is "yes." Here is my Bachelor Fantasy Team for Nick:

Kaitlyn BITNB

#1: Kaitlyn Bristowe (The Bachelor Season 19, The Bachelorette Season 11)
I really think Kaitlyn is Nick's "ideal;" the one who got away. She is his perfect combination of articulate, smart, sexy and adventurous. Plus she has a naughty sense of humor. I think if Nick could Weird Science a girl, it would be Kaitlyn. Alas, she is still engaged to Shawn B and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Obviously Kaitlyn would be his #1, but there's also...


JoJo Fletcher (The Bachelor Season 20, The Bachelorette Season 12)
Not sure how Nick really feels about Southern girls (although he does have two in his final three),  but JoJo is the full package and I am willing to bet Nick would have fallen hard for her if she had been on his season. She has that same combination of being articulate, smart, sexy and adventurous. Oh and being drop dead gorgeous doesn't hurt either. 

Kristina BITNB

Kristina Schulman (The Bachelor Season 21)
I really don't know why Nick let Kristina go. I think if he had given her more time (which is exactly what she said when he dumped her) he might have found out that she was many of the things he was looking for. Kristina was pretty outspoken from early on and I think had the kind of hutzpah that Nick could have really fallen for. Sad! 

Jillian BITNB

Jillian Harris (The Bachelor Season 13, The Bachelorette Season 5)
Another former Bachelorette who had the wit, the smarts and the feisty attitude that would attract someone like Nick. Not sure if she would put up with Nick's ego (although she did put up with Ed's for a minute) but I definitely think he would have eyes for her. (Yes I know she is now married - this is a fantasy league!)


Britt Nilsson (The Bachelor Season 19)
Britt is on my list as the Corinne surrogate. Like Corinne, Britt knows how to get a guy's attention...and keep it. She's dramatic and flirtatious and she doesn't care about "rules." Nick would be defenseless to her charms. Plus they both live in LA and want the same Hollywood dream. A match made in heaven? Can we make this happen?

Jubilee BITNB

Jubilee Sharpe (The Bachelor Season 20)
I also like Jubilee for Nick. She an army veteran, so she's no pushover. She's bold and intense but also very sensitive. She's got Nick written all over her.

I think this is genius. But unfortunately, you can't get another do-over Nick; you can't go back in time. You can only move forward with what you've got. Or go on Bachelor in Paradise again!

See you next week!


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The Bachelor 21, Episode 8 Recap: Hometown Throwdowns

Talk about a throwdown (Photo from Variety.com)

Talk about a throwdown (Photo from Variety.com)

I have tried to be patient with ABC throughout this season. I have tried to accept that it's all about the ratings, that we have to deal with the fake drama to get to the good stuff. But this is going one step too far.

ABC: the people don't want Andi Dorfman. We all know there is no mystery surrounding Nick and Andi's status. They do not care for each other. Nick does not harbor any lingering feelings toward her and vice versa. So giving us yet ANOTHER "To be continued" ending just to have Andi give Nick some lame, inconsequential advice? Infuriating! 

AND might I add we are now TWO FULL EPISODES past when you leaked that Rachel will not only not win but is the next Bachelorette. What gives?

Let's just get into it because I have no more patience for this season.

BEST of Episode 8

Raven's hometown. I think this date was the kind of date we were waiting for this season. It took a woman who was perhaps a dark horse and led her to the front of the pack. It had fun and chemistry and tears and authenticity. The parents were honest but not angry. It was sweet and endearing. Are Nick and Raven realistic as a couple? Will they both get crotch rot from that swamp? Who cares! It was head and shoulders above the other three dates.

Nick. I gotta give Nick some props. Offering each girl a rose so that they could choose whether or not to accept it was a reverential move. I dug that whole thing. Nick, despite his raging hormones, is deep down a very sensitive and respectful guy.

Vanessa. Watching Vanessa with her students was probably the highlight of the episode. Any time you can showcase someone, especially a woman, contributing that kind of positivity and love in the world it's a win. That girl really is the full package. Maybe not for Nick but for some guy who lives in Montreal who her family really, really likes. See below.

WORST of Episode 8

Corinne's hometown. I think we can all agree that no matter how entertaining this was, it was still a train wreck.

Vanessa's hometown. I think we can all agree that this was also a train wreck, but unfortunately not entertaining in the least. I am starting to think that Vanessa and her family have never watched this show before. Mon dieu.

Rachel's hometown. Although I found Rachel's family lovely, I found it jarring that they focused on race for the entire date (or that that's all ABC showed us). Yes, I understand that interracial dating is still a big deal in many parts of this country. Yes, I understand Rachel is the first black woman to get this far on "The Bachelor." But c'mon. That was all they talked about! The family already has "a white" in it! I just don't believe that her family is as worried about Nick as they edited it to be. This makes me think Rachel's season is going to be super painful to watch.

This season has gone way off the rails, hasn't it? Poor Nick.


1. Raven. I think she jumps to the top. Besides the red-neck lifestyle she leads, she's is the girl who is the most Nick's "type;" they had a fantastic hometown date; she's already met his parents; and she's a badass. What can go wrong?

2. It's gotta still be Vanessa right? Even though the hometown was incredibly tense/awkward; their interactions are a touch boring; and there's no way Vanessa is leaving her students to move to L.A., they still have pretty strong chemistry and googly eyes for each other.

All of this assumes that he sends Corinne home next; takes Rachel to Fantasy Suite dates; and then something happens that leads Nick to then send Rachel home (or she sends herself) before the final week.

I'm telling you right now: if Rachel goes to the final two and they spoiled this ENTIRE season, I'm going to quit this show forever!

I mean, I will really, really try. 

Until next week...

Bossy is the New Black