Visit Me in Atlanta: The Atlanta Botanical Garden

This is post one of a new series I just invented right this second called "Visit Me in Atlanta" where I will highlight some of the best stuff Atlanta has to offer (sightseeing, food, festivals, etc) to try to entice my friends from Boston and Maine to come visit me. Sneaky, huh? The side benefit is I get to show off some of my photos and give locals (who need it) some direction as well.

Here goes, plea #1: 

One of the best things about visiting (and living in) Atlanta - besides the food, and the weather, of course - is how green and lush it is. Lots of trees, lots of parks, lots of pollen. It's become more and more walkable just in the five years I've lived here (thank you Beltline!).

Even better, we have the Atlanta Botanical Garden, located within Piedmont Park in Midtown. The ABG is one of the best spots in the city to spend a day. From the Fuqua Orchid Center to the Rose Garden to the Canopy Walk to the Chihuly glass and rotating sculpture exhibits - it's an awesome spot to bring visitors or to just wander around yourself to take pictures, enjoy the flowers and the view of Midtown. The Garden also hosts a number of annual seasonal events, including: the "Concerts in the Garden" summer series; "Fest-of-Ale" and "Scarecrows in the Garden" in fall; and "Garden Lights, Holiday Lights" around the holidays. 

Here are some of the images I've captured at the ABG since I've been here. Come visit Atlanta yourself and I'll take you for a tour!