Hey, I’m Jen. Welcome to my weird little world!

where it all began

where it all began

This blog is a little bit of everything, at least for now. I'm going to tell you what to eat, read, wear, watch and listen to and hopefully make you laugh a little along the way.

Here are 13 other charming facts about me in list form - because I love a list:

  1. I care about the environment. I hate guns. I want people to help people. I care about equal rights. Your basic card carrying liberal.
  2. I am a cable TV connoisseur. I’m a professional at managing my DVR so I can watch any new show that hits the schedule, while also balancing my studies in social anthropology (The Bachelor, Real Housewives).
  3. My favorite drinks are red wine, dirty vodka martinis, more wine, sangria and coffee. All at once.
  4. I hate shopping but I can spend an entire afternoon in TJ Maxx or Marshall's looking for bargains. I find it relaxing to shake the place down from top to bottom.
  5. I’m a night owl, i.e. definitely NOT a morning person. On a similar note, I am always tardy for my day job.
  6. I love music and going to concerts, but it is getting surreal to go to shows as I get older. There’s the inevitable mingling with children who are half your age and half your size.
  7. You'll see a lot about food on this blog. I love to cook and entertain as well as try new restaurants and eat great food. I have the fat pants to prove it.
  8. I am a crazy dog lady. I only have one so far though; her name is named Jessie Belle. JB loves bacon, riding in the car and cuddling. She hates carrots, cats and the UPS man.
  9. I have a photographic memory. I am also into photography. Coincidence?
  10. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring five things I would bring: JB, pizza, my iPhone, my subscription to Entertainment Weekly (we can get mail there right?) and a sweater, because I'm always cold.
  11. Things I'm exceptional at: flip cup, opening wine, parallel parking, coloring, procrastinating, crossword puzzles. Things I suck at: budgeting, housekeeping, paying attention to one thing at a time, throwing a frisbee. 
  12. I am originally from Maine, lived in Boston for 15 years and now find myself in Georgia. What!? Yes, that’s a big change. We’ll get into that later.
  13. Oh yeah and I’m single.  I like being single.  Perhaps that’s a problem.  We’ll get into that later as well.

Thanks for stopping by!